Fairfax County Park Authority On-Call Contract

Fairfax, VA


  • Construction Engineering Inspections & Testing
  • Drilling
  • Geotechnical


Fairfax County, VA


Ongoing; Contract began in 2017 and ends in 2022

DMY was recently awarded a multi-year, on-call, indefinite delivery contract with the Fairfax County Park Authority to provide materials testing and inspection services at various County parks. To date, DMY has provided these services at the following parks:

Jefferson District Park: DMY provided pavement evaluation investigation and recommendations for repair of existing pavements. DMY proposed investigative scope, including pavement coring, hand augering base aggregate materials, dimensional checks, and Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) testing of subgrade soils. DMY also proposed performing soil borings at select locations with Standard Penetration Testing (SPT) for additional soils information and recovery of representative bulk samples for laboratory California Bearing Ratio (CBR) testing. Further, we proposed providing analysis and design services for pavement reconstruction.

Based on our coring scope results, we determined that existing conditions did not warrant complete removal and reconstruction, so soil borings were not performed and recommendations developed for milling, remediation, and overlay, thus reducing costs for the client. We did, however, identify settlement and drainage issues during our investigation and developed recommendations for remediation of these conditions, thus enhancing long term performance of the new pavements.

Monticello Park: DMY provided construction phase inspections and testing for this project involving BMP construction, underground utilities installation, trails construction, and associated appurtenances. DMY identified problematic soils and recommended remedial measures, in addition to providing recommendations for stabilization of identified unstable subgrade soils.

Burke Lake Park Road Repairs: DMY provided construction inspection and testing services for existing road alignments. During the course of our inspections we determined that the remedial measures provided were not suitable for observed conditions. This was partially due to the fact that one lane was required to be in service at all times. DMY provided alternative recommendations, consulted with the client regarding each, and observed and documented implementation of the selected method.